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Yahoo Account Sending Spam

Account sending spam

An email account holder often encounters issues with receiving spam emails. Spam email is also widely known as unsolicited bulk email (UBE) or unsolicited commercial email (UCE). These are the emails that are mostly received from an unknown source and looks like emails sent from the user’s account itself or simple “me”. These unrecognized emails may have been sent for a commercial purpose or may be used to spread computer virus or other malicious software. Spam emails are the subject to concern and attention for the recipients and are a punishable crime as per jurisdiction of many nations including U.K. However the irony of the fact is that these spammers are indefinitely untraceable and hence leaves the recipients with very little choices but only for preventions.

Yahoo account sending spam

The only reason of receiving a spam email is the exposure of the email account to unknown sources by one self or by any other person who knows the email address. Both personal as well as professional emails are equally prone to receiving spam emails. The only reason that an email account holder is receiving spam emails are because of the non efficiency of the email service providers is incorrect and inaccurate. Yahoo! hence ensures ever ready organized and alert tech team to address all kinds of email issues and required information for its preventions. We understand that spam emails may lead to obtaining sensitive information such as username, passwords, personal information, and credit card details. The loss of all these personal data leads to malicious activities like identity theft, unaccountable bank transactions, fraud, etc. Yahoo provides an electronic communication that secures the users from any kinds fraudulent activities from the information obtained from the email accounts. Spam emails are sent in bulk and some attacks to the needs of individuals while some attempts to take advantage of the victim’s inexperience with technology and computers. They lead victim’s computer with parasite software fragments that alters or modifies the computer programs to fulfill their malicious intentions. Following are simple tools and methods to prevent receiving of spam emails:

To Change Yahoo Password

On the very first thought or on the observation of receiving of any kind of spam email or any email from an unrecognized source which may seem to be odd or ambiguous, the users are suggested to change the yahoo passwords of their email account immediately. It is recommended to have a strong password with a combination of alphabets, numeric and special characters altogether. Also keeping a password that is easily predicted by others is strongly restricted.

Yahoo! on the first hand ensures logging into the email account with the registered credentials and also allows to manually block spam sources or domains by simply using block sender button under Settings. For any further clarification or navigation users can simply dial on our helpline numbers.

To Check Your Alternative Email Address

Yahoo! account management helps to ensure your privacy and protection by allowing users to personalize their account information. On any kind of suspicion users are suggested to change their alternate recovery email address. It is very much possible that the alternate email address is compromised and is therefore resulted in the change of your account settings.

Yahoo! unique inbuilt mechanism filters the spam emails and prevents it from bringing any changes to the user’s account settings. However it is essential to use a firewall to protect all programs and software to prevent compromising of personal data.

  1. Visit the Account Information Page
  2. Click to Contact Information
  3. Change the alternate email address if you don’t recognize it
Yahoo spam problem


Last but not the least, it is very important to review your account related information at regular intervals. It ensures a check on any autonomous source that is trying to invade to your computer system and helps them to stop replicating themselves into more and more alike programs that serves as the key to infecting the file management of your operating systems. Following are the measures that can be taken from time to time to ensure proper functioning of the email accounts:

  1. TTo check things the users don’t recognize as their own in their account credentials and getting rid of them like, unrecognized or fishy email, domain, network, etc.
  2. To closely examine the changes on the settings of the email account like , signatures, spellings, changed reply address settings, changed filters, changes in cookies and caches, etc
  3. To restore missing emails, IMs, or Contacts
  4. Yahoo! also seeks cooperation from all its users to call on the help line numbers and report of any such activity. A specialized team handling complaints will ensure a close check on any such domains or hosts further creating any loop to frame other email accounts. Besides it is best advised not to open any such emails or simulation that has unidentified source.

  5. To check for forged messages

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