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Send and Receive Email Problem

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Internet connectivity:

Yahoo Sending and receiving emails problem is by far the most common issues that is encountered by most fairly all of us. A user who has just finished writing a complete email and after hitting the send button, receives an error message alerting of sending or receiving problems. The first think that the user will search for is weather the email is stored somewhere or has just vanished until the issue gets fixed. The first step to check the same is, to navigate through your “sent”, “outbox” , “drafts” emails and check the location of the email saved if it has. This step actually helps to narrow down the troubleshooting procedure to arrive to some conclusions. For example: if the email was primarily saved in drafts then perhaps we should try to resend it and in most cases it works. The emails getting saved in drafts rather getting send could be the result of the temporary service down of the internet connectivity. That leads us to the prime facto of the troubleshooting steps of the issue and that is to check the internet connectivity. Sometimes the intermittent internet connectivity results mostly in emails sending and receiving failures which may result in getting the sent emails bounced to save in to the folders of either drafts or outbox. The emails that are saved in outbox are automatically programmed to be sent as soon as the internet connection resumes.

yahoo email receiving problem

Incorrect login:

Sometimes a user may not happen to login in to the email account in the first place to send or receive emails. A Yahoo! representative always suggests having a strong password and then correctly entering them to get logged into the account. We strongly suggest to all our users not to check on the box to save the password to get permanently logged in as a user of a device if the device is not a personal one and if it has multiple users. At times a different user may try to login to your account by entering incorrect credentials or might just simply fiddle with your account settings if finds a way to. Sometimes just resetting the password helps to resolve the problems. Hence if a Yahoo! user has tried the basic troubleshooting steps it is just too convenient to reach out to our help line and get hold of a customer care rep to get the rest of the troubleshooting steps done.

Web browser settings:

This is not so common occurring experiences by the users of getting the Web Browser failed to respond. However sometimes it does happen that the Web browser fails to do any activity that it is commanded to. A very common practice to overcome this issue is to check the browser settings or simply sit back until it resumes functioning properly. Meanwhile a user can also switch to plain text toolbar by simply clicking on compose button and then hit on the double arrow button of formatting toolbar and select plain text option and final step is to click the ok button. If the issue still persists a user may change the web browser and start afresh logging into the account and then resending the email that failed the previous time.

yahoo email sending problem

Temporarily yahoo account suspension:

Yahoo! reserves the full right on suspending an email account if it finds any unethical or corrupt behavior or practice with its services and products. It administers a strict code of conduct and regulates a standard procedure against any counterfeit reported or registered. If a user finds that the emails are not getting sent and that there pops up an error message of temporary suspension of the account is a case of serious attention. There a simple and convenient ways to get a blocked email account unblocked within 12 hours of timeframe.

  • Multiple attempts to login into an account with incorrect username or password may leads to account getting blocked temporarily.
  • Failure to answer the security questions and answers correctly.
  • Multiple devices used to login the same Yahoo! account.
  • Hacking attempts to an email account.
  • Suspicious activity observed on the email account.
  • The registered Email marked as spam by some other recipients.
  • If the registered email is notified by multiple users of sending unconducive or harmful texts.
  • Unauthorized access to third party apps and software.
  • POP and IMAP settings blocks access ports and prevents access to an email resulting in suspension.
  • Sending spam emails or bulk emails beyond the specified limit.

Unable to send because of yahoo account temporarily blocked

Yahoo! email account holders are strictly advised to report of any unusual activity on your account or have received suspicious texts. These are evidentially the clue of unauthorized attempts of accessing your account. The users are recommended to change the password on your account info page by clicking on yahoo change password link. Also a user can try deleting unwanted emails and attachments stored in Sent, Inbox or Drafts folders. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies .In Most cases the issue is resolved by just entering the captcha word verification and sending the plain text email to only one recipient at a time. Or follow the steps below :

  1. Step 1 : Go to Yahoo Help Forum page.
  2. Step 2 : Click on Account locked message.
  3. Step 3 : Now click on Sign In Helper.
  4. Step 4 : Enter either Yahoo! email address or mobile number or recovery email or recovery email address.

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